Comic Watch [Jump Start]

Jump Start

First he blamed video games for his dog’s obesity. Now Crunchy is blaming his dog’s failing grades at obedience school on… video games.

It wasn’t funny the first time. It isn’t funny now. Please, just stop.


  1. Haven’t you already had this comic up before? I swear I’ve seen that exact same one before.

  2. Would you be less offended if it was TV and not video games?

  3. I’m more offended by the fact that it’s the exact same joke.

  4. @Brock – That’s exactly what I thought when I read it! It’s not the same comic (I linked the first one in my post) but it’s the same punchline, almost the same set up. It’s very weaksauce.

    @Zack – Not really. TV was in his first “joke”. I’m more offended that the comic is rehashing an unfunny joke.

    @mgroves – exactly!

  5. That was a joke? Let me read it again be right back……..

  6. …I’m back.

    I didn’t see anything remotely funny. What joke are you talking about?

  7. @Bobster – Read it as many times as you want, you won’t be finding anything funny there.

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