June in Review

Back with another monthly report for the activity and happenings here at buttonmashing.com.

June was a lazy month around these parts. Nat was unplugged and I played GTA IV. Nice summer weather was enjoyed and crazy storms were weathered. We had 22 posts with 67 comments. The site also celebrated its fourth anniversary.

Top posts
The following posts garnered the most eyeballs in June (outside of the regulars):

  1. Customizable NCAA 09 Covers
  2. Easter Egg in Google Reader
  3. Why All the Love for Metal Gear Solid 4?
  4. [2 Minute Review] Trials 2:Second Edition

Previously, on buttonmashing
One year ago, among other things, we were talking about Forza 2 for the 360.
Two years ago, I was marveling at the beauty of my brand new DS Lite.
Three years ago it was all about Guild Wars. My, how time and tastes change.
And four years ago? It was Wario Ware time.

Strange Searches
As always, a small sampling of the diverse paths that led people to our humble abode:

let me show you this spreadsheet because” – oh man, don’t leave me hanging like that!
360 button mashing techniques” – you mean, other than just… mashing them?
easy way to get 5 day survivor achievement in dead rising” – There is none! There is only pain.
eve in wall-e is ticklish” – I saw Wall-E (LOVED IT) but, for the life of me, cannot think of any reason why anyone would ever need to search for this. If you’ve seen the movie, you know the answer. If you haven’t, what train of thought brought this search phrase to your mind? I NEED TO KNOW.
eve wall-e tickled” – Again, with the tickling and Wall-E!

Games being played
Not much has changed, for me at least. As I near the end of GTA IV (I think), I’m already wondering what might take its place. I also finished Super Mario Galaxy, but with only 70 stars, I still have lots of mileage left on that bad boy. My DS sits mostly unused, except for the occasional NY Times Crossword puzzle.

There you have it, another month come and gone.


  1. flamingsquirrel says

    Ah, I just looked back at my first comment. Damn, I had horrible spelling. June 20th 2006. 5 days after my 13th birthday, I got RE4 on my 13th birthday, scared the living shit out of me, and remains one of my favorite games ever to this day.

    I remember, I was playing RE4, and my dad, who is Brazilian, walked by, and heard a villager say “Mierda”. He wasn’t too pleased. After learning the crazy people with knifes were swearing at me, I had to know what else they were saying, which led me to the translation guide 😀

    I feel warm and fuzzy inside. I can’t believe I’ve been reading the same blog for 2 years. More, you’ve had the same blog for 4 years! That’s a lot of years! Congrats man, keep up the good work!

  2. I have to say that June in review for me was all about finishing GTA IV and blasting through MGS4. Talk about a deadly duo of awesome.

    MGS4 is easily the high-water mark for graphics in games this generation. It will be the game that all other ‘next-gen/now-gen’ games should be compared against when it comes to character models and in-game cinematics.

    So awesome…

    Now to start the plunge into my backlog for the rest of the summer…

  3. Look at me, responding to comments late again.

    @fs – you’ve definitely been a faithful reader. I appreciate it. It’s always good to have someone who loves RE4 as much as I do around. Thanks!

    @Brock – So is it possible to compare GTA IV to MGS4? Or are they too different to make a valid comparison?

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