Family Matters

Due to a death in the family (my grandmother), I won’t be around these parts for a few days. I’ll leave you in Nat’s capable hands until I get back. Shouldn’t be too long. I’ve been working on a few posts, so I hope to get those up soon.

For now, I leave with the Super Mario 2 Theme, Gypsy-Jazz style:


  1. superb playing! thanks for sharing it and may your grandma’s soul rest peacefully. i have to say that your blog makes me go back to my button mashing ways. that’s why i come back here again and again for inspiration

  2. Hang in there, Tony.

  3. @dan – That’s not me playing, but thanks for the kinds words.

    @Jason – Thanks.

  4. hehehe yes i know its not you but still its superb. thank you for sharing it.

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