Comic Watch [Fox Trot]

Bill Amend nails the popular webcomics good. I wonder what they each thought of being included in Fox Trot?

(I’d think it was pretty cool)



  1. What is The Ecstasy Of Tech a parody of? And how many of the average Foxtrot readers heads will this fly over? 🙂

  2. It’s Joy of Tech:

    I think that’s why he did 4 of them: that way most people will get at least one.

  3. Providing URL’s would have been better because people will google that and get crap. Of course, it’s not a “newspaper” thing to link. It probably wasn’t on his mind or some lawyer shot him down.

    Funny idea. Incomplete execution.

  4. @Brock – How many readers? 90% of them? I know a large majority of FT fans will get it, but not the average Sunday funnies reader.

    @Nat – Would people type in URLs, even if they were included? I’m inclined to think they wouldn’t. I know I would, but I’m not normal.

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