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I finally bit the bullet and signed up for Gamefly. This was the first disc to arrive.


  1. flamingsquirrel says

    Gamefly is awesome. I mean, I could buy a game for $60, and not play it after a month, but with gamefly, it would be worth the $17 to keep a SINGLE game for a month, not even counting that you can exchange that game for a different one whenever you feel like it.

  2. Exactly. I use my rental service to try the games I’m not 100% sold on. I’m glad I used it, as it has saved me a lot of money over time.

    Not as much as I’d like, because I’m too impatient, but for games like Bourne Conspiracy or Lego Indy, it’s great as I can play the games for a while and then send them on back without dropping $60/per.

  3. Were you really dropping $60 left and right on games like Bourne before? Did you never sell them on eBay if you didn’t like them or were done with them?

    I think Gamefly is a neat idea, but arguments that it _saves_ money are just mental accounting.

  4. Not so convinced it saves money unless you’re just really quick about sending in disks.

    Even with some full priced games, I’m still averaging under $17 a game. The only way Gamefly works for me is if I rent no less than two games every month. Otherwise I’m better off with my current motif of buy used and trade-in early. Even then, trade-in is a convenience, you’d get better value on eBay.

    I’m not knocking Gamefly as a service, but like trade-ins for me it is more of a convenience. I certainly am not going to avoid purchasing a game I know I want brand new because I have the service.

    I’d find it more useful if I could have more than one game out at a time. I rarely focus on one game and that is probably my biggest issue with the service.

  5. @Jason O

    In my case it DIDN’T save me money because the turnaround was horrible. I could literally only have one game every five weeks. I was in Chicago, as well. Just no excuse for that. I believe it’s called throttling.

    They need that service that Netflix has were it’s pre-scanned at the post office and the new one is sent out right away.

  6. flamingsquirrel says

    Well for me, I’m definitely buying Mercs 2 the day of it’s release, but with gamefly, I have compiled a huge list of games I want to try out

    Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter 2
    Strangle Hold
    Ratchet and Clank
    Rainbow Six Vegas
    Burnout Paradise
    Dark Sector
    army of two
    kane & Lynch
    Blazing Angles 2
    Rainbow Six Vegas 2
    Devil May Cry 4
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma

    But I don’t want to buy them all and trade them in later. A gamefly plan would be much better. Now, once I have finished off that entire list, I dont see gamefly being extremely useful, at least, not as useful as it was before.

  7. Gamefly Burnout Paradise?

    Oh, man, you just went down on my respect-o meter.


  8. flamingsquirrel says

    gamefly it because I’m a little short on cash, if I’m sure I feel like buying it, then I’ll go for it. But I’m trying to keep my money in my wallet, games like Mercs 2, RE5, etc will need my full $60, so I want to be sure I’m going to enjoy what I’m buying for a long time.

  9. They have more distribution centers now so service is really fast for me. no one else has as many games as they do, so for selection, no one else compares.

    plus they have used games you can buy super cheap and a trade in feature as well that gives you credit on rental subscriptions for the games you trade in. Some of the guys above didn’t seem to know that.

    they got everything you could possibly need as a gamer in one convenient location and have saved me so much money while greatly increasing the number of games I can play. they’re the best thing that’s happened to me since the atari 2600.

  10. The biggest benefit I got from Gamefly were the used games, but the novelty (and ultra cheap prices) wore off after a time. Eventually, the good titles were gone fast too.

    Remember when trade-ins were all the rage because Gamestop was giving good values on the trades? Well, not anymore. I think it was the same there.

    I may give it a try again, but not now.

  11. @jason – I hadn’t heard of the trade-in feature. Care to elaborate?

    I think I’ve got a distribution center in Pittsburgh, so it’s fairly close. I haven’t turned a disc in yet, but I’m interested in seeing how long it takes.

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