Twitterers you should be following this E3

E3 08 is upon us.

And I have neither the manpower, firepower nor willpower to keep up with all the news, announcements and megatons that are sure to result from E3. That being said, I still try to stay abreast of the happenings and what-not of the event. This year, I’ll mostly be following the news via a few select Twitterers. Here are my “must follows” to get your E3 fix, if you use Twitter:

Major Nelson (of Xbox’s Major Nelson) – Because duh!
Zonk (of Massively and MMOGNation) – Because I need my MMO fix.
FalconGN (of Gaming Nexus) – Because us Ohio Boys gotta stick together.
Godfree (of Gamertag Radio) – Because between him and Major Nelson, you’ve got your Xbox 360 bases covered.
Chris Paladino (of the Gamerscore Blog) – Because, two’s company, three’s a trend?
bapenguin (of Evil Avatar and Co Optimus) – Because we all need a less corporate, more gamer take on E3.
multiplayer (of the MTV Multiplayer Blog) – Because variety is the spice of life.
N’Gai Croal (of Level Up) – Because the guy seems like a pretty cool dude and he gets all the scoops.
Chris Grant (of Joystiq) – Because I need all around coverage.
Garnett Lee (of 1UP Yours, – Because I like the cut of his jib.

Phew, that’s a full time job just following these guys. Anyway, that’s how I’ll be following most of the E3 news. Am I missing anyone?


  1. Thank you for this. I have been looking for good Twitter coverage outside of Major Nelson.

  2. @Mike – Glad I could help. It’s the fastest way I’ve been able to get E3 news.

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