Dead Rising Wii Changes

Here we go (with commentary):

  • A new title, Dead Rising: Zombie Sacrifice (A new name is not necessarily needed, but…)
  • Missions from Otis are no more (heck, yes! Best change yet.)
  • Linear missions (yes, good)
  • RE4 camera style (uh, I don’t think it was needed)
  • No photo mode (Thank you, although Frank is a photographer, I felt taking snapshots was bothersome—I would not do it. Forget that dang thing. Survive!)
  • New enemies, new weapons, and all sorts of new wiggles. (And it’s not DLC? Yay!)

If they sell this title for $30, it will be a must-buy. However, I still think it’s Japan only so far.

Thanks to 1up for the news. Go there for a lot more detailed info.


  1. So it’s the normal Dead Rising with no Otis? I haven’t sunken nearly enough time into Dead Rising but I thought that half of the game consisted of you doing joe-jobs for him.

    And I would miss the photo aspect. It held nary a candle to the zombie smashing, but I had fun with it.

  2. Hey, no more pictures of zombie girls in short skirts? What’s the point?

    I wonder why they’re eliminating missions from Otis. As long as he didn’t interrupt me while I was taking out zombies, I didn’t mind much. But it was enjoyable to smash his face in the Infinity Mode.

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