In [Nat’s] Hands: Playstation 3

Through an even weirder turn of events involving a group of tourists from Hong Kong, a camera, and a package of Little Debbie Zebra Cakes I was able to get a Playstation 3 bundled with Metal Gear Solid 4 for absolutely FREE. (Well, not really. It was by using the reward points of my Sony credit card.)

I am excited for the movie playing alone. Games, you need to prove yourself.


  1. Well that’s pretty cool even if I don’t give two figs about MGS4.

    I wouldn’t turn down a PS3 even though I couldn’t tell you what I’d need it for.

  2. I’d imagine it took quite a few boxes of Zebra Cakes to get enough points for that bad boy!

    That completes the circle — we now have every aspect of gaming covered. I’m looking forward to the PS3 blogging to commence soon.

    And I’m insanely jealous. After seeing The Dark Knight, I promised myself I’d have a Blu-ray player (read: PS3) by the time it came out on a Blu-ray disc.

  3. I’ve not even cracked the cellophane on MGS4. I have played Uncharted. (I blew some Gamestop credit.) At only 10 minutes in…it’s interesting.

    It also came with a voucher for the game Pain. Now, that is hilarious.

    Brock tells me that my system has backwards compatibility. I might relive some fun with some PS2 games I used to own. Who knows?

    As far as movies go. Wow…

    …it’s just like HD-DVD, only takes a little longer to load.

    Anyone want to buy an HD-DVD player with about 20 movies (5 of them unopened)? šŸ˜€

  4. Mwahaha. Welcome to movies, Sony style.

    I’m quite enjoying some of the games on the system right now (MGS4 was glorious) but it is pretty lacking in the exclusives department. I’m still pretty much convinced that I’ll get the PS3 version of FFXIII though.

    You should snag Pixeljunk: Monsters. I’d stay away from the Loco Roco thing they have on there. I’ve got it but I’m not terribly impressed. It’s like Loco Roco without any of the same gameplay. Yeah. Stay away šŸ™‚

    Pain is fun but the sheer volume of DLC to content sucks. That said, I spent a chunk of last Saturday playing it and my kids were laughing their heads off watching me play.

  5. It does seem like Pixel Junk is all over the console. Are any of the shooters any good?

    I guess I could try their demos.

  6. There are only 2 PJ games out so far. Monsters is a great Tower Defense style game. I have heard that Racers isn’t so hot.

    Eden though. Mmm… I just tried the demo tonight and it’s glorious. I can’t wait to get the full thing.

  7. Shame you didn’t have Civilization “in your hands” on PS3.

    PJM is a great one. Gotten a lot of mileage out of that game. The PJ Eden demo is just excellent. Would recommend Everyday Shooter for shooters and heard great things about Super Stardust HD. MGS4 is epic and enjoyable to say the least.

    Gokyo is my PSN name if you want to add me.

  8. PSN: manitoumi (don’t ask…it’s old and I merged it. Didn’t know you could change it.)

    I picked up Super stardust HD. Pretty. PJM is interesting.

    I will say this. The audio on all these games is STELLAR in DTS. I’m just blow away. The 360 has nothing over the PS3 in that area.

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