July in Review

Time for a look back at another month here at ButtonMashing HQ.

We had a rather prolific (at least prolific for us) month of posting with 32 posts and 112 comments. Traffic for the month was up almost 11% from June. I think it’s pretty clear that more posts mean more visitors. Most people are visiting with Firefox and Windows XP. I love how someone is surfing with 3 monitors and a total resolution of 3840×1024. You, sir, are my hero.

Top posts

The following posts garnered the most eyeballs in July (outside of the regulars):

5. Here We Go!
4. Give it up hardcore gamers
3. Funny Game Glitches
2. Finish your dinner
1. Customizable NCAA 09 Covers

Previously, on buttonmashing

A year ago, I was welcoming the newest buttonmasher into the world.
Two years ago, I was giving one of many MMO Sports games a try, Ultimate Baseball Online.
Three years ago, HOO BOY three years ago, the internet was ON FIRE because of GTA San Andreas and the dreaded Hot Coffee controversy. You heard it hear first (sorta), folks!
Four years ago I was taking my first crack at the first Halo. All in preparation for Halo 2 imminent release.

Strange, funny searches

Let’s laugh at the weird people on the internet:

fun things to do in dead rising” – You’re killing hordes of zombies with everyday objects. That’s not fun enough? You need to look for other fun things to do?!

^^hal0 3 statz.^^” – Let’s count everything wrong with this search. First, what’s with the carets? They’re not necessary. Next, the “0” in Halo. That’s just dumb. Third, statz with a Z. If I could stab you through the internet, google searcher person, I would. Finally, the period. Thank you for punctuating your non sentence with a period. That makes everything else better.

aj hawk’s girlfriend” – The poor guy has been married for over a year. Give him a break!

can you get a machine gun on animal crossing wild world” – I’m often disturbed by what people search. This is one of those times.

how do you eat in dead rising” – I’m guessing you haven’t survived long in the game if you’re searching for this.

Games being played

Nat has been on fire with a new PS3 and new 360 games while I’ve been pretty stagnant. I reached a point in GTA IV that I thought was the end, but it appears I’m mistaken, as there are other things still going on. I’ve got that, Top Spin 3 and Space Invaders Extreme on my plate.

I should probably wrap this up and go play some games.

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