[2 Minute Review] American McGee’s Grimm, Episode 1

Is a developer name able to carry the weight of a game?

Yes?…No. Well, maybe…

DO: Walk all over a candy-coated countryside and stink it up by your presence.

TYPE: Third person platformer.

PLATFORM: Windows PC via Gametap.

PRICE: A misnomer. Episodic. The episode reviewed is FREE via Gametap. Otherwise $3.99 an episode.

MEAT: You take all the good that is in fairy tales and make them evil. Gameplay consists of walking around all over and “butt-stomping” certain characters or items. The more you walk around the more stink power you have. Certain characters can clean up your act, but eventually you can over-stink them. Challenge? Getting the game to run. (Yeah, it’s buggy and they even admit it before you play). Oh wait, you mean a gameplay challenge? Not a single bit. The game has an interesting soundtrack but it’s full of fart sounds and high-pitched screams. For being an “Unreal Technology” game it looks like utter crap. The style is great, but it needs polished. Yes, that is a urine stream in the pic above.

PERKS: interesting premise; McGee’s warped style; timed leaderboards; tongue-in-cheek humor; less than 20 minutes total gameplay; a speed-run game

SCREAMS: premise gets old; to look better; to not be repetitive; tongue-in-cheek humor; crashes on dual core machines; make it a challenge

VERDICT: Pass. It…uh…stinks. However, the first episode is FREE. If all twenty-three (23!) episodes follow this formula—pass the gas.


  1. Ug. I hope the rest of the episodes aren’t 20 minutes long. Plus, it’s kind of sad when a game that lasts you 20 minutes is already feeling old.

    I’ll pass unless they do some kind of compilation and the latter stuff turns out to be a lot better than the initial batch.

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