Xbox 360 on the Big Screen

Ever want to play your 360 on a HUGE screen, say, one as big as a theater screen? Now you can (via Global Nerdy). (If you live in Canada and near a Cineplex):

Beginning on Friday, gamers will be able to book two-hour sessions at 29 Cineplex theatres across the country for $179 plus taxes. Up to 12 people will be allowed into the session to play their own games, or those from a supplied library, on the theatre’s giant screen with surround sound. The Xbox 360, however, can only accommodate four players at a time.

Why just the 360?


  1. Interesting idea but seems a little pricey.

    I actually did this at my former church before it shut down. We had bought an old movie theater and then actually renovated it so that it did not still look like an old movie theater. However, some of the rooms had never been converted and the main auditorium still had a projector and we used the old movie screen for media presentations. It was not anymore difficult to hook up a game system than it was a DVD player and there is nothing quite like playing racing games on a movie screen.

    We had to get some wireless controllers, natch.

    Altogether a neat experience but not something I’d pay $179 for even if I had not already done it. Even splitting the price can you really get enough playtime in to make it worthwhile?

  2. @Jason – Yeah, I bet racing games would be a riot. But a buck-eighty is a bit pricey.

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