Ouendan 2? Yes, please

In case you never noticed. We are gaga over Ouendan.

I don’t know why, but we’ve not imported it yet. Apparently, the fine folks at Aeropause have.

I’ve spent a good day or two with this game, and I can say that it is still just as addictive as the first Ouendan. So what’s so great about this game?

The songs. I don’t think I have heard such a good collection of J-Pop and J-Rock since the first Ouendan. The story is…well I can’t say anything about the story other than it has some hilarious scenes. Who could deny seeing two creepy looking Mario & Luigi plumbers helping a little boy fix his “pipes” so he won’t pee in the bed…all to the tune of a song with …something something Baby in it!


  1. flamingsquirrel says

    Ew. Both Ouendans suck. Wanna know why? The music. It sucks.
    *raises flame shield*

  2. Ready Steady Go FTW!

  3. Die, evil Flamingsquirrel. Die!

    That said, I wasn’t nearly as into the second Ouendan as I was the first. The music was much better in the first one.

  4. I am THIS close to beating the last level on the hard difficulty. THIS CLOSE! I just can’t take sitting through that stupid intro every fricken time. If I can skip them, I’m all for it.

  5. I’m talking about the first one, BTW

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