Ubiquity: It Will Change the Web

I’m not going to explain it. Try it.

It has been the rage all day on the web. I’ve been using it off and on and it’s been amazing.

Think of it as a simple way to use anything from anywhere on the web and use it for almost whatever you want. If I was Microsoft, I would be shaking in my boots. When this is added to Firefox–and it will be, it will revolutionize how we share information with one another.

Now, back to gaming.


  1. Now that is cool. I’m giving this a try right away.

  2. Wow that really cool. it works pretty well as well for 0.1 software.

  3. Just to inform.

    I’ve been using something like this with my MacBook for almost a year called Quicksilver. It has revolutionized the way I operate OS X.

    Launchy for Windows does the same thing. I’ve estimated that I’ve cut system operation time down by almost 75%. Typing is much quicker–even than moving a mouse.

  4. Yeah. I snagged Ubiquity a day or two ago. I haven’t really fiddled with it very much but just the potential evidenced by that video is enough to get me excited!

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