In [Nat’s] Hands: Star Wars:The Force Unleashed

I have specifically been avoiding professional reviews for this one because, frankly, I don’t trust them anymore. The only info I have about it is from a developer diary video. I think he’s an apprentice to Vader.


  1. I rented this today for the PS3. It’s not bad but I’m glad I didn’t fork out $60 for it.

    There’s just something wonky about the pacing of it. You have these cool powers and everything but after an hour or two of tossing everyone around, it just gets a little dull.

    A game where you get tired of throwing Jawas around is a game that has problems.

  2. So what I’ve heard so far is that it’s great as a “tech demo” (I hate that phrase) but that using the force gets old.

    My fifteen year-old self would kick my current-self’s rear end for ever uttering a sentence like that.

  3. I hear ya.

    I will admit that the story is pretty good, esp. at bridging Episode 3 and 4. Hell, it does a much better job of laying out the destruction of the Jedi and the rise of the Rebellion than the three prequel movies combined.

    It’s just a shame that the gameplay gets both repetitive and frustrating very fast. I’ve spent more time cursing the camera than I have having fun, which is a shame.

    Whenever the game seems to start to find its feet and get into a groove, it throws in either a wonky jumping area (which often leads to death due to the crappy camera) or some kind of annoying new creature that stops you in your tracks. A battle droid shouldn’t be harder to defeat than an AT-ST…

    It’s also VERY short. I just rented it yesterday and I’m very close to finishing the game. That’s just not right…

    I don’t want to totally dog on the game, as it has its moments and when it does things right, it does them VERY well. I’m also finding that the game is a lot more fun now that I’m in the end stages as Starkiller has a whole slew of powers at his disposal and can hold his own a lot easier than he used to.

    It’s just a shame that its so short yet feels so long. If it was the same game without the Star Wars license, well, it would be called Psi-Ops AND it would probably not sell nearly as well.

  4. I am having fun with it, but I have been frustrated at times.

    The camera. I press the right stick constantly to center it. It’s not maddening, but it’s annoying.

    What is annoying is the way is which the developers chose to play enemies against a dark Jedi. The spawning makes no sense. You clear a room, and boom, some new enemies are there. Of course, they are out of your POV.

    The TFC-style heavy storm trooper was a drag. The lasers come so fast that you cannot do anything but just stand there and twitch. Apparently, you cannot do any force powers while being hit.

    The story is stellar, but I’m not through it yet, so I don’t know if it’s worth the price of admission.

    Technically, the Vader lever stuttered on me a couple of times. It was probably the worst I’ve ever seen in a 360 or PS3 game. It literally paused a few times. The targeting is a little off as well, but I think force gripping is a learned skill. The platform jumping is also not needed.

    Funny. I think that the Too Human control scheme would have worked great with this game. I’m not bored with it yet but I’m not overly wowed either.

  5. The Vader level was fine on the PS3. I wonder if it’s a 360 issue. I did get some odd clipping issues in some of the levels but nothing game breaking.

    The strangest thing I’ve come across so far are the spontaneously destructing AT-ST’s. I’m not sure why, but I’ve had a few times where I’ve been fighting one and suddenly it will be on the ground in millions of pieces, as though I pulled off the take-down maneuver.

    Want to know how short this game is? I’m at least halfway through the second last level of the game and I just rented it yesterday afternoon. Yeah, it’s that short. I love the story though. Why couldn’t they have had something like this for the prequel movies?

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