In [Nat’s] Digital Hands: WipEout HD (plus InstaPreview!)

I believe I’ve admitted before that I’m a closet WipEout (have to get the weird capitalization right now I guess) fan and today’s release on the PlayStation Network is no exception for me to miss. I’m not a hardcore fan, however. I’ve never really completed any of the games. They become hard. Extremely hard.

WipEout HD is basically a remake of previous game’s tracks in, well, HD. It is glorious. I would venture to say, initially, it’s one of the prettiest games on the PS3 right now. The sense of speed is not there yet, but it’s coming. I can feel it. Die hard players will know what I mean.

Also, there’s an added bonus that I didn’t expect in the game: a camera. I think I’ve spent more time there than anywhere else. This camera works a la Halo 3. However, it’s much easier to use and has a few more picture effects. I took these image with the Track Motion Blur effect.

Another perk the camera has over Halo 3 is that the image is saved directly to the system’s hard drive. You can then do whatever you want with it. I don’t have to go to some lame-o site and download it. The resolution on the images is pretty high. (The first one I uploaded full. Click on it to get the detail.) I expect to see some amazing images online. Take note, see the detail in the cockpit?

For $20, I believe it to already be a steal.


  1. I grabbed this after work too. It be much fun, it be.

    Too bad it’s the return of Thursday Night TV tonight. Good luck on me getting the TV any time before 11pm 😛

  2. That screenshot is gorgeous. Wowzers.

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