Are You Playing Quake Live?


It’s been up for a couple of days now–well, maybe a day. I don’t know how Id pulled it off, but I signed up and was playing in less than five minutes. Some interesting things:

  • You can play in a browser window or fullscreen
  • There’s a ten minute skill test with a bot that seems to work really well. In my first match I played average (which is good for me in Quake).
  • There’s a friend system (I’m agentgray).
  • Leaderboards, rankings, full stats (which didn’t seem to update for me right away), etc.
  • It streams the game data in the background while you play.
  • There was no slowdown. It almost seemed too fast.
  • It even worked on my low-end laptop.
  • Seeing ads by Dell in the maps actually worked. The placement of some were good for laughs.
  • I would almost consider this casual Quake or they’ve found a way to make Quake casual.

Quake Live.


  1. Wow, those are some busy servers. I tried to sign up earlier today and was #5700 in the queue. I’ll try again later.

  2. flamingsquirrel says

    Wow, that’s pretty neat. You can find me as NobodyNothing, I’ve added you, Agent Grey.

    I love these games (I still played UT99 until last year sometime, when the few people that were still playing moved on) so it’s great to see a newer-ish version that will see TONS of players. Bored 13 year olds expecting a simple flash game will be easy prey. Easy prey indeed… *evil grin*

  3. LOL flamingsquirrel. Make a video of the chaos you create so we can see what your capable of.

  4. add me my name is MajorGrey

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