[2 Minute Review] Star Wars The Clone Wars Lightsaber Duels

Is this the lightsaber game we’ve all been hoping for?


No—unless you’re six.

DO: You are a Jedi from the Clone Wars era.

TYPE: Fighter.


PRICE: $50

MEAT: There’s isn’t much to chew on. Using the motion controls of the Wii, one buttonm—er, wagglemashes the controller to defeat your foes. Most matches can be won by swinging your arms like mad. The game is over in two hours. It’s dangerous to play with two people in close proximity. My six-year-old son beat it in two sittings.


PERKS: it’s like animating your own cartoon; accessible for anyone who can move a Wii controller; some unlockables in characters; Obi-wan in his clone armor

SCREAMS: for more depth; to have a sense of saber immersion—lack of actual feedback hurts it; the title, really? that long? You’re kidding; to be about $20-30 cheaper; to not be a cash-in by Lucas—hey, it’s what he does now; the lame saber clash sound in the remote gets old.

VERDICT: Pass…unless you have a young kid and need for them to burn some energy. My kid loves it.

Having a true Wii lightsaber game is a pipedream. Why? There’s no sense of feedback. You’re just cutting air. Hate to destroy fanboys hopes, but it’s not gonna happen like you fantasize.

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