An introduction is in order

Will saved me the trouble of having to go first. Thanks, Will! I’m Jason O, one of the two new contributors to

I was introduced to the wonders of technology at an early age. I remember when the PS2 was an early IBM home personal computer. I was gaming on it and an Apple IIe in wonderful monochrome. Years later the 4 color Jumpman would seem like the ultimate game in comparison. My first gaming console was an Atari 2600. I’ve observed the trends and changes in the gaming industry for over two decades and I still love this hobby and love to share it with others. I’ve grown from a wide-eyed child to a white collar professional and now have a family of my own.

I love talking about games. How well they play, if they are actually fun, the underlying design, and even how the industry is behaving. This is influenced by gaming as a long-time hobby and my current role in the technology field in general. While games are much different than the software I’ve been involved with personally, there are some commonalities between the two and I’m always interested in how games as a business works versus the more service oriented software I know firsthand.

These days I mostly game on the X-Box 360, I don’t even own a PS3, and the Wii is more for my kids. I don’t game much on the PC much anymore. I don’t have a strong preference or loyalty though. Next year I might be more PC focused, or maybe the PS3 will finally grab my attention. I might yet pick up a DS of my own. For me, games are more than a platform or a company logo. They are my passion, my favorite form of entertainment. Which is why I look forward to my future contributions here.


  1. Welcome aboard!

  2. Yes, the PS2, with the IBM keyboard with the removal keys. We had a lot of fun in high school switching random keys in the computer lab. That would frustrate people to no end. And we played a lot of the original Prince of Persia on those machines, too.

    Good times. Welcome to the team!

  3. A IIe? Ha! I had a IIc! Man, that was a piece of junk, in retrospect, but man was it cool with it’s non-green screen.

    (Not to make fun of the IIe – I used one a year later in my room and was very excited. And many an hour was spent on Zork on a IIe at my friends).

  4. @Larry – I have some found memories of the IIe, too. I never had one but a friend did. We played a lot of Below the Root. What a game.

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