Hey buddy, could you spare some free time?

Blogging (and gaming) has been light around these parts as a lot of my free time is spent watching and writing about college football. This happens every year, college football is a love of mine and I continue to enjoy blogging about it. But now, for my team at least, the end of college football (until January) has arrived, which means my blogging load at my other site goes down and I can spend a little more time here.

There are days I wish I could do this blogging thing for a living but until that dream is realized I’m just glad to be have some free time once and a while to play some games and chat with you guys about it.

Now, for some games…


  1. I hear ya. I’ve actually got a couple of things in the pipeline for the site but have to carve out the time to get them written.

    It doesn’t help that the few minutes of spare time that I do have these days is spent playing the games that I want to finish so I can write about them around these parts!

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