Weekend Gaming

Another weekend is upon us. This weekend may not present many opportunities to game for me, but when they do I’ll be engrossed in Dragon Age. So far I like what I’ve seen and am looking forward to seeing a whole lot more. If I only get a moment or two for gaming it will probably be some Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. I’d also like to get back to Borderlands, so that is always an option.

What are you playing?


  1. Brock Wager says

    I’m hoping to sink some more time into Dragon Age, but the majority of my gaming time will hopefully be spent on Darksiders.

    I’ve got a bunch of other games I’d like to tinker with but those two are at the top of my list.

  2. If you play DA on the Xbox, don’t install the title update. Apparently it breaks things.

    As for me, if I get a chance I’ll probably try to play a bit more Mass Effect in a futile attempt to finish at least one play through before the sequel hits so I can try importing a character.

    Also, might hit some PGR4 to try it out, or try and get to the end of Batman.

    • Uh oh. Do you know what the update affected? I updated when I started the game up last time. I had no idea. Hopefully nothing major, I’m only a couple hours in.

      I bet a concerted effort could knock out ME in a couple weeks, which sets you up perfectly for the sequel.

      • Apparently it made some of the specialty class powers stop working. Hopefully a fix will be up soon. You don’t really encounter them until you are about 10-15 hours in (depending on where you head after Lothering).

        And I’m trying with ME, but I don’t have a lot of chance to play. Also I really have to play it twice. I’m on my Renegade play-through this time, but I lost my Paragon character when my Xbox was stolen this summer. And since I usually play good first, it’s going to screw up my entry into ME2.

  3. Brock Wager says

    I need to try to finish a playthrough of ME on the PC so I have something to go with on my PC playthrough. I’m going to be a meanie on the PC and leave my Paragon on the 360.

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