Team Quad Rock

I don’t post local-to-me (Columbus, Ohio) stories like this very often, but I had no idea I was living this close to greatness.

By day, the four 20-something friends work with or around computers.

By night, they play on them — so much so that they’ve amassed a combined 72 video-game world records.

Ladies and technophiles, meet Team Quad Rock.

This makes me want to get down and dirty with a game of New Super Mario Bros. Wii:

“We go level by level and analyze it,” explained Lowe, who holds records in mostly vintage games — both popular (BurgerTime) and obscure (Splendor Blast).

“Russell figured out that on the third level of the game, when the clock reads 396 seconds, you can use Mario’s propeller cap and get an extra 16,600 points every 25 seconds. I have a spreadsheet breaking down every level like that.”

A single game of New Super Mario Bros. Wii takes about two hours and five minutes to play, Lowe said.

Maybe I’ll just go watch The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.


  1. Hey, I know it’s cheesy to do so, but thanks for the support. We’re still a relatively new team of players, and any kind of support is VASTLY appreciated.

    • I think it’s great that you guys are doing what you’re doing. Feel free to drop me a note anytime something you guys want to promote and I’d be more than happy to drop a link here or on Twitter. I enjoy local stories like this.

      Out of curiosity — how did you find out about this particular post?

      • Complete and total honesty? I was curious as to how Team Quad Rock is getting coverage, so I Google’d “Team Quad Rock”, and yours is the first link that comes up.

        I’m just glad to find out that there are packets of gamers out there that may very well be intrigued with FRIENDLY competitive gaming.

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