Are you L33t?

I mentioned Corvus’ project a little while ago, so while we’re talking about OPP (Other People’s Projects) I would also like to mention Jason Preston’s (another FotB) Project, L33tsauce:

Well, l33tsauce is what you make of it — it’s a searchable encyclopedia of video game knowledge, it’s a treasure trove of cheat codes, it’s a repository of walkthroughs, it’s a collection of awesome game videos, or maybe it’s a place to catch the latest about upcoming new releases.

So head over to to L33tsauce, sign up for an account, create some dojo’s and rake in the profits!


  1. Hmm. Sounds like the same kind of model as Giant Bomb only users get paid for their participation. Very interesting.

    And as my personal website specifies, no, I’m not l33t. Sorry 😛

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