Conquered: Bioshock 2

I finished Bioshock 2 late last week and overall I’d give it a thumbs up (with a more detailed review forthcoming). A few bullet points:

  • I loved the little details they added to the weapons after upgrading them in the first game and they packed a bunch of good ones in the sequel. The Steam Punk theme was strong once again
  • Exploration played an obviously huge role in the first game. Exploration in the sequel was fun but a little of the sheen had worn off. The new areas of Rapture were still interesting and slimy.
  • We were given two views of Rapture at its zenith. Both times were excellent. I wish more time was given to Rapture when it was actually rapturous.
  • This will be expanded upon in a future post, but some of the weapons were very satisfying. Playing as a Big Daddy was also equally satisfying. There were times when I didn’t feel as powerful as the Big Daddies seemed in the first game, but overall there was a weight and heft to your actions and it felt good.
  • I don’t feel like playing it again. It was a good game, but I’m ready to move on. That doesn’t usually happen to me with games. There usually isn’t as definitive of an ending for me with games. Even after playing the multiplayer for a while, I felt like I had accomplished everything I wanted to do with the game. I think that’s a good thing.

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