Everquest 2: Extended?

If you haven’t heard. Everquest 2 will be rolling out a new free-to-play service called: “Everquest 2 Extended” or EQ2X for short. Here is a simple view of what is included with the various memberships. Here is the basic information about how the service will work, there is a FAQ here, and the forums here.

What I do want to know is why they named it, “extended” if its actually less than the original game. I guess it could be because it extending the game for free to the masses? Tony and I have dabbled in EQ2 for while and it was a good time however, with all of the games in the marketplace at this point I wonder if EQ2x will have enough draw on new/old players to bring them back to Norrath.

What do you think?


  1. They say they are looking to get new players, but with the free MMO market already saturated, I get the feeling they are too late to the game.

    That being said, I do have a soft spot for EQ2 and I am interested in seeing how this plays out. I’m also interested in the “web based app”. Will it be completely browser based? If so, that will definitely entice me to try it out.

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