Weekend Gaming

This weekend looks to be rather busy for me with non-gaming type commitments, but I’m hoping to get some form of gaming in. Whether it’s Firefight in Halo: Reach or catching up on my Online Dynasties in NCAA 11, I’m going to play something.

What’s on your plate this weekend?


  1. The other night was only my second time EVER playing any Halo multiplayer. It was fun.

    As for what I’m playing this weekend:

    viva la robolution!

    • Yeah, that was a riot. I’m really liking Halo: Reach Firefight. I want to do that some more.

      And speaking of the robolution, I want to get some more Borderlands in, too. Eventually we’ll get to the DLC!

  2. I’m going to keep on solving puzzles in Professor Layton & The Unwound Future, mapping dungeons in Etrian Odyssey 3, having the pants scared off of me in Amnesia and maybe saving the universe in Starcraft 2.

    Or I might get back to work on Little King’s Story and realize WORLD DOMINATION!

  3. Brock knows. He was drooling all over it. I believe it’s a horror/adventure/FPS.

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