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I haven’t participated in Blog Banter (the spiritual successor to the Carnival of Gamers) for a while, but this topic piqued my interest and decided to chime in my two cents. The question for this month is: What are the five games you’re looking forward to the most this year?

These are in no particular order

Star Wars The Old Republic – Deep down, I am a big old Star Wars Nerd. I never got around to playing Star Wars Galaxies for various reasons (the main one being I didn’t want to pay a monthly subscription). Now with Bioware at the helm, it’s going to be almost impossible to resist. Even with a monthly fee I’ll be checking this one out.

Diablo III – This is a little hedge here, as it’s very possible that Diablo III ends up being a 2012 release. But if it does come out this year, this will be my most anticipated game of the decade. Maybe of the century. I could spend paragraphs talking about how much I loved and how many hours I wasted on Diablo II. Suffice it to say that will go dark for the first week or two after this game comes out.

Guild Wars 2 – Another hedge, but between Diablo III and Guild Wars 2, my personal hygeine will suffer, my sleep will be deprived and I’ll probably pass out from exhaustion. I didn’t play the first Guild Wars as much as I did Diablo II, but I have anxiously been watching information trickle out about GW2 and I am very excited to see and play Guild Wars 2.

Mass Effect 3 – Yep, this is a no brainer. I can’t wait to see who survives (all my mates survived the suicide mission, FWIW) to join up with Shepard and what new characters we get to meet. Stories and galaxy exploring awaits!

Arkham City – Arkham Asylum was definitely a sleeper hit for me. Loved it. Nearly flawless. Now we get to venture into Arkham City. Only good things can happen, right?

Bonus title (in case one of these doesn’t make it): Portal 2 – As I mentioned while talking about the first Portal, any game that makes me feel smart is a great game in my book. While some of the new features could potentially over-complicate the game, I have my faith in valve that they will release another gem.

What games are you looking forward to in 2011?

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  1. Mass Effect 3 hopefully will be good, I’m looking forward to space exploration sans mining…we can only hope.

    The Witcher 2 also looks to be some good RPG-ness, since I really enjoyed the first which was very much a classic RPG tale.

    I guess I might get Dragon Age 2 – but probably not on release; still need to start the expansion to the original.

    Diablo III – will have to check some reviews. I never did finish Torchlight actually…so…hmm…

    Dawn of War 2: Retribution looks promising too, a title I’ve actually pre-ordered; the singleplayer is intensely fun in the original game and expansion, and there are multiple campaigns this time. I can’t pass up the Imperial Guard ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Pokemon Black and White is a must-get for myself. They’ve pretty much got me, since I enjoy the core gameplay so much.

    Indie wise; I’m tempted by Minecraft (yes it’s “out” but not “out out” yet, and I’ve still not properly played it and don’t own it; one thing I wonder about is if it’ll be properly modifiable), and Frozen Synapse is available for pre-order too and might be out. AI War is getting another expansion soon and hopefully Spy Party will get some kind of beta going (or if not, keep an eye on it for 2012…).

    I’m sure there are others but I don’t look at much preview stuff; but I did note these titles…and one thing…man only my choice of indie games are not sequels… ๐Ÿ™ Kinda depressing in a way!

  2. I wish Diablo III would be on PS3 or 360. Not the biggest PC gamer!

    • I wouldn’t put it past Blizzard. They have toyed with bringing something to the consoles, maybe this is time. D3 would work perfect on a console.

  3. I have high hopes for Arkham City!

  4. Infamous 2
    Arkham City
    Portal 2
    Dawn of War II: Retribution (pre-ordered that puppy)
    Frozen Synapse (but it is too darn expensive)


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