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Resident Evil 4 HD

You can have your chainsaw guns and your Doms. I’ll take my Broken Butterflies and Ashley Grahams.


  1. I’m one of those that chose Dom and his chainsaw. GoW 3 is pretty great so far.

    To be fair, I bought RE4 twice already, on Gamecube and Wii. Didn’t finish it either time. Maybe I should go back and correct that. I remember the part on the lake, when I got up out of my seat and was yelling at the screen for Leon to move his butt. That is still one of my favorite gaming experiences ever.

    • I’ll eventually get my time with Dom and his Lancer. I like the GoW series. First I need to go back and finish GoW 2.

      This is only my second time buying RE4. It’s one of my favorite games ever. It’s 6 years old and it’s like seeing an old friend.

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