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Right now I have three Triple-A titles vying for my time: the aged Fallout: New Vegas, the surprisingly engaging Dark Souls and the heavy hitter with everything going for it, Batman Arkham City.

When I made the ill-fated decision to play three games at once I had initially planned on a daily rotation. I usually get 1-2 hours a night so i figured I’d play Fallout one night, Batman the next and so-on. Great plan, right?

Well, after an hour with Dark Souls it became apparent that it was going to require my undivided attention. I’m setting that aside, dropping it out of the rotation. We’ll get back to Dark Souls later. I’ve been anxious to get back to FNV because I was really enjoying my time there but Batman has its hooks (bat hooks, you might say) in me deep and I don’t know if I want to play anything else right now.

So yeah, Batman Arkham City — it’s pretty good. I’ll be spending the bulk of my gaming time with it this weekend. What will you be playing?


  1. Arkham City and Forza 4 all the way.

    AC is such a dramatic improvement over the already fantastic Arkham Asylum, in terms of gameplay. Batman’s combat and movement is overall much more fluid, and it brings to light how stiff he was in AA. Have you had the pleasure of countering three incoming attacks at once? It is awesome.

    My only real beef is that the game is much, much harder than AA. I set both games to the hardest difficulty. In AA, the only time I died multiple times was against the game’s last two bosses. But this time, in AC, the very first group of thugs in the courthouse put me down upwards of eight times before I got through it.

    • Countering three is definitely a treat. Have you had more? Three is the most I’ve done so far.

      I haven’t noticed the difficulty gap between the two, but I’ve played both on the default difficulty. The bosses have been fun so far. It’s the Riddler stuff that gets me.

  2. I just spent most of today plugging away at Batman and I plan to do that for the rest of the weekend, with occasional Layton breaks.

    Speaking of Dark Souls, I just finished the final AR training mission in Arkham City tonight and the sense of accomplishment at pulling that off was akin to what I feel playing the Souls games and finally defeating a big demon. WOO!

    I’m going to be getting back to New Vegas soon myself (since I have all of the DLC) but I need to finish The Witcher first.

    Of course, that will all come after Batman, Uncharted 3 and AC:R this fall…

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