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Tips and Tricks for Triple Town

I’m linking this, for uhm, a friend.

I can quit whenever I want.


Diablo 3 coming to consoles?

It sure looks like it, according to Bashiok, a Community Manager at Blizzard:

(Or whatever the “Diablo console project” may be)

I have mixed emotions about this.

Weekend Gaming

With hopefully a new pile of games (either from the holidays or the Steam Sale) hopefully everyone has something to play. Me? Probably just Skyrim. Boring, I know. I may play something new on Steam for a project I’m going to start, but for now all I’m comitting to is some more Skyrim.

What will you be playing?

January Releases

I missed December’s releases, but I don’t think we missed much. In fact, I missed all of December, blogging wise. The month didn’t start out good for me, with a trip to the ER that resulted in surgery and me learning that I am diabetic. So the first couple of weeks were quite an adjustment. Then the holidays happened, and blogging didn’t.

Oh yeah, and Skyrim. That put a decent damper on the blogging output as well.

So on to the new releases. Other than a couple big titles at the end of the month, there isn’t a whole lot coming out in January:

Xbox 360 banner

Week of January 30th
Far Cry 3 – In a post that has been in my drafts FOREVER, I talk about my favorite weapons in a video game. One from Far Cry features prominently in the list. I hope that “weapon” is available in FC3.
Final Fantasy XIII-2 – On my pile of shame sits Final Fantasy XIII. I really want to get back to that one.
NeverDead – You know, that “use it or lose it” limb game!
Soul Calibur V

Wii banner

No Nintendo Wii releases this month.

Nintendo DS banner

No Nintendo DS releases this month.

Nintendo 3DS

No Nintendo 3DS releases this month.

PC banner

Week of January 24th
Tropico Trilogy

Week of January 30th
Far Cry 3

PS3 banner

Week of January 30th
Final Fantasy XIII-2
Far Cry 3

PSP banner

No Sony PSP releases this month.

What are you picking up?

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