Weekend Gaming

As quickly as the last one ended, the weekend is upon us once again! It’s time to get in some gaming!

Me personally, I have Mass Effect 3 mulitplayer on the brain. I think a large portion of my time this weekend will be spent playing that. If there’s time to get back to the single player game, that’s where I’ll be. But as much fun as I’ve been having with the multiplayer, I don’t see there being much extra time. If I get some PC time, it will probably be spent playing Vindictus or Atlantica. And possibly checking out Dragon’s Nest. But it will most likely be Mass Effect 3.

Which brings me to a moment of reflection, a confession if you will. Up to this point, I have never paid “real money” for in-game items I can “earn” through regular playing. I get the idea of microtransactions in online games (and actually welcome them) but I have always limited my purchases to things that couldn’t be gotten through normal play of the game. Things like extra character slots, extra storage space and the like. But the ME3 “booster packs” have their hooks into me big time and it’s real tempting to drop some Microsoft Space Bucks on that Premium Spectre Pack instead of putting in the time to earn those 99,000 credits.

REAL tempting.

So I’ll br trying to resist the temptation of instant gratification. What will you be playing?

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