Weekend Diabloing

So this is the first weekend we get with Diablo III and wouldn’t you know it — my laptop (my brand spanking new (well, six months old new) Asus G53SX laptop) has up and died on me. So it’s in a Fed Ex box, on it’s way to Milpitas, California while I sit here, staring at a blank monitor that once was alive with the colors of New Tristram. It’s a cruel, cruel world we live in.

But don’t cry for me. I’ve got a backlog of 360 games, including a new game from Gamefly, to keep me busy. I left poor Commander Shepard in the lurch on Tuchanka, so I should probably get back to helping him, too.

I’m just going to assume everyone else is playing Diablo III. But if you’re not, what will you be playing this weekend?


  1. I wondered why you were not online tonight. You beat the first act? The cinematic was AMAZING.

  2. You are correct Nat! I hear Act II cinematic is even better?!?!?! I guess we’ll see.

    I hope there is something that Asus will do to make it up to you. Probably not, but a guy can hope.

    I’m looking forward to playing my Wizard again, I started a Monk to play on my own/without Tony and he’s at like lvl 22. What are you guys all at?

    Gigayojimboz#1841 is my battletag.

  3. Bruno Linardi says

    Unfortunately I’m not playing Diablo III, because my laptop doesn’t have the minimum requirements. While I don’t upgrade, I’ll get the final achievements of Skyrim, and then Darksiders. I’m almost getting 1000/1000 on them šŸ˜€
    Good luck with your Asus!

    • Thanks, Bruno. As far as I know, it’s still in transit to Asus. Hopefully everything will be easy peasy and I’ll be up and running this time next week.

      But good reminder about Skyrim. I should get back to that šŸ™‚ What system are you playing it on?

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