Weekend Gaming

I’m a little late getting this one out, but this weekend is the first weekend of college football. Which means my gaming will be pretty sparse. But, I hope to get a little gaming in this weekend. I realized after posting the Borderlands 2 trailer, that I still have not beaten the original Borderlands. So I have a couple weeks to rectify that situation. I may get some Borderlands in this weekend if I can pull myself away from college football.

I’ve also been playing a handful of games on my PC and iPhone that I’ll be posting about soon. They all involve one thing: Towers.

Also, I’ll be mentioning this in a post real soon, but we’ve also added a new peripheral to the video gaming rig. So the kids will be wanting to play that whenever they can this weekend.

What will you be playing?


  1. I’m busy getting my beak wet in Guild Wars 2, playing some Persona 4: Arena on the 360 and working my way through Persona 3 Portable on the Vita (it looks rather nice on that screen).

    I blazed through Spec Ops: The Line last weekend and The Walking Dead: Episode 3 this week, so I’m getting back to the games I was working on before that distraction.

    • So James has been recounting some really cool sounding things from GW2. I am fiercely fighting the urge, but I think I’m eventually going to give in and grab a copy of that. Diablo 3 hasn’t gripped me as tightly as I thought it might.

      And yes, TWD is now on my wishlist for the next Steam Sale. One of my friends mentioned they were going to wait until the Christmas Sale before grabbing it, and I thought “yeah, that sounds like a good idea”.

      That friend went on to buy it during the summer sale and he just finished up episode 3.


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