Weekend Gaming

It’s going to be another Borderlands 2 weekend for me. I’m actually contemplating an early afternoon of work so I can get some Borderlands 2 in while the kids are at school and I’m actually 100% awake. Being a busy adult sure has cramped my gaming time. It doesn’t help that we’re still trying to keep the kids away from the more violent games and Borderlands 2 definitely ranks up there with all the blood and headshots.

I’m also going to be digging into my Steam pile and possibly some Diablo 3. With all the changes and what not, I figured I’ll keep the lootfest from BL2 going with my Demon Hunter. It’s about time I find my first Legendary!

What will you be playing this weekend?


  1. If I can wing it I might jump into Diablo 3 some more too.

    Guild Wars 2 and Torchlight 2 are still there too though….sigh


  2. Scum Bag RPG.

    Find first Legendary.

    For class you don’t play.

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