The Warrior has fallen… on the button [Borderlands 2]

This post has mild spoilers for the ending of Borderlands 2. Hit the jump to see the full post. (Sorry feed readers, you’re going to see the whole thing)

Oh no! You’ve gone and defeated Handsome Jack and taken out The Warrior. You’re then told to call down the “Moon Shot” and finish off The Warrior once and for all.

Problem: The Warrior has done gone fallen on the console, right smack on top of that button. Don’t try to click it. Seriously, stop. I know you can glitch through his body and see the button, RIGHT THERE, with the green halo glow you’ve come to know so well during your travels in Pandora. Just stop trying. It isn’t happening. Take my word for it. Me and my Commando buddy tried for five minutes straight. It was half past midnight and we were not giving up. Eventually, we did. It just wasn’t happening.

Borderlands 2 - The Warrior

Never fear, faithful vault hunter. All is not lost, but things just got trickier. The first step to the solution is accept that fact that you’re not going to hit that button, no matter how hard you try. Now that you’ve accepted that fact, quit and save your current game. Take a deep breath and reload the game. Once you reload, you’ll be back at the beginning of Hero’s Pass, but you’ll notice your mission objectives say “Call Moonshot”. So now you’re just going to have to slog your way through Hero’s Pass again. Once you get through, you’ll find that Jack is still there, under his protective force field and The Warrior is lying there, no longer on top of the console. Call the Moonshot and reap the fruits of your labors!

(So yeah, I finished Borderlands 2. I should probably write more about this game, shouldn’t I?)


  1. The same thing happened to me, too. I also saved and quit, and then continued, but the game didn’t restart me at Hero’s Pass; it spawned me by the vending machines at the top of the stairs that lead down into the pit.
    After I gathered up as much loot as I could, I exited the game, and again returned by the vending machines. I sold what I had, and figured I could go back for more, but, as I approached that little island, I noticed The Warrior and all the loot had disappeared. Then, as I got closer, The Warrior suddenly burst up and out of the lava. So, I had to kill him again. Sigh.

    • Good to know that it spawned you near the pit. We had to save/quit and then basically called it a night. I fully expected having to fight Jack and The Warrior a second time, but, all the loot was still there from the night before, the position of The Warrior was the only thing that changed. Very odd.

  2. Uhm… i did that and my game crashed as soon as i began to travel to the warrior area. Help

    • Wickedginja says

      The same thing just happened to my SO and me. We traveled back to hero’s pass and ran through. As soon as it started loading the vault of the warrior, BL2 crashed. Autodesk decided at that moment to update. We’re walking away for a minute before trying again. Ugh so frustrating.

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