Weekend Gaming

This week is a bye week for the Buckeyes, so I plan on having a little more free time this weekend to get in some gaming. I recently fired up my Xbox, updated Borderlands 2 (including downloading the newest DLC that came out a while ago) and then I started playing State of Decay. So now I have the urge to play some more Xbox. I felt like I had let my survivors down, that they were still holed up in that crumbling church, waiting for someone to save them. So this weekend I think I’m going to put some more time in State of Decay. It feels like I might be getting close to the end, but I’m not ready to be done just yet. I feel like I’ve only explored half of the map. So much more to do!

I’d also like to get back to Borderlands and finish up the last two DLC’s. I sort of petered out with my co-op partner over the summer, so I hope to get back to that this weekend.

What are you playing?


  1. Journey. I’ve had my eye on it for almost a year and a half now, waiting for the price to drop. But as I recently discovered, one of the public libraries close by has an extensive PS3 section! I plucked Journey off the shelf without even thinking about it. Good timing, too: This week was hella rough, so I’m not really in the mood for anything too intense or demanding. Journey’s majesty and reasonable play time will fit my needs perfectly.

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