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If you live anywhere in the midwest, you’re currently in the middle of Snowmageddon 2013 (I think it’s called Winter Storm Cleon or something? Who decided that it would be cool to name storms?) Anyway

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in to see what everyone is playing, but I thought being snowed in is a perfect time to talk about games they’re playing. Since I am still stuck in the last generation, I don’t have anything new to talk about. I even resisted the latest Steam Sale. So I’m working on my backlog. I’m ashamed to say that I have finally gotten around to play some Super Meat Boy and I’m really disappointed it’s taken me this long. This game is great. I think it warrants a post, but for now I’ll just say this: this game is so pixel perfect it makes me smile on a regular basis. And it’s “easy” enough that my two boys are hooked, too. Super Meat Boy will probably take up the bulk of my gaming time this weekend.

If I have time besides that, I am going to download the new Zelda game for the 3DS. I’ve read and heard so much about it that I have to play it. It’s been too long since I’ve played a Zelda game.

What are you playing this weekend?


  1. Well, I caved during the Steam sale… or was it frugality? I picked up the new Tomb Raider for $10, marked down 80%. I’ve heard good things. Plus at that much of a discount, why not? And seeing as how I just beat Arkham Asylum (gifted to me by thoughtful fellow buttonmasher Sir Jason) the timing now seems perfect.

    Other than that, I’m gonna be cuddling with my new 3DS. I might start over with Fire Emblem: Awakening – permadeath when learning a new game = awful idea.

    • Thoughts on Arkham Asylum? I really liked that one. Are you playing “console” games on your PC with a controller? My PC gaming life has changed since getting a wired 360 controller. That explains my Super Meat Boy addiction.

      Lost someone “vital” in Fire Emblem, eh? Just remember: no one is vital in Fire Emblem. Well you are. Sort of. But not really.

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