In My Digital Hands


I missed this when it was being Kickstart’ed, but have been hearing great things about it.

I’m hoping to do a live stream and hopefully turning that into a Let’s Play video. The first of hopefully many such video endeavors. Check back for more info, hopefully later this evening!


  1. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on it. My coworker is constantly telling me how good it is and that I’d love it. I’m a fan of Dragon Age Origins and the D&D-licensed games it was based on, so I imagine I would.

    • So after an hour, I can safely say I’ll be putting some time into it for sure (and hopefully some posts about it).

      Unfortunately my rig isn’t beefy enough to handle streaming it with any kind of fluidity, so I probably won’t stream any more of it. But I am going to try and record a Let’s Play video, so we’ll see how that goes.


  1. […] me, I am about 3 hours in to Divinity Original Sin and I’m starting to get into a comfortable groove with it. I like the turn-based RPG […]

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