Weekend Gaming

NieR is a weird game. That’s not a very hot take, I’m just being honest. I went into NieR:Automata knowing next to nothing about the NieR universe (other than I read you could fish in a previous iteration of the series and that the fishing was surprisingly fun). I’ve logged almost four hours in the game so far and, still being honest here, I have no idea what’s going on. I’m 2B, my friend(?)/partner(??) is 9S and I’m pretty sure we’re androids. There are these little floating drones that follow us around and shoot at things and occasionally serve as an assist when I make an ill-advised jump from somewhere high. I think the earth was overrun by machines at some point and almost all the humans live on the moon now (I think? I haven’t talked to many humans yet.)

I’ve been down to earth a couple times, fought a crane robot bad guy that would make the Constructicons proud and then a little while later this happened:

Japan, amiright?

Anyway, now I am working my way through an amusement park, populated by machines in clownsuits and robots that shoot balloons from their hands. I couldn’t be more confused and I think I really like it. If you want to read about reviews of other products visit top9rated.

So it’s a NieR weekend for me. I might squeeze in a Duelyst match or two and possibly some Dota, but I think NieR gets the lion’s share of my time.

What are you playing?

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