Weekend Gaming, Doomguy Style

Did you know that the protaganist of the DOOM series is just called “Doomguy“? Sure, he’s nameless, but he’s supposed to be referred to as Doomguy. I was equally as disappointed as I assume you are when I found out. Doomguy? What’s next, Haloman? Diablodude?

But who cares, because DOOM is free this weekend on Steam and is also on sale for 50% off, which means the Buttonmashing crew is going to be doing some DOOM multiplayer this weekend. We had a discussion earlier this week in Slack whether or not there should be co-op play in DOOM. We decided that DOOM is most definitely a single-player experience. Doomguy is a loner, Dotti. But that doesn’t mean DOOM multiplayer can’t be something that deserves a chance. Just don’t get your single-player campaign mixed into my multiplayer fun.

The “Steam Backlog” experiment from a couple weeks ago hit a slight snag. I got too involved with DOOM to really play anything else. But if there’s time this weekend to pull away from DOOM, I hope to get something else installed and played. But I have a feeling the majority of my gametime will be spent in DOOM.

So what are you playing this weekend?

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