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I started buttonmashing.com in 2004. I have been playing video games, off and on, in one form or another, for the past 20+ years and don’t see any end in sight. As far as gaming, you can read my “gaming pedigree” here. Currently, I’m mostly gaming on the 360 my PC, Xbox One or iPhone, occasionally on the Wii Wii-U and even less frequently on my Nintendo DS 3DS. PC gaming is making a big comeback with me, but I’m mostly a console gamer at heart. I’ve dabbled in MMOs, but I have MMO-ADD and can’t commit to any game for more than a few months.

I’m I aint yer Pa on Xbox Live. I try to be fairly social online. In addition to Xbox Live, I can be found at: On Steam, I’m Iaintyerpa. We also have a Buttonmashing group on Steam. I also use the following gaming social networks: Giant Bomb, GamerDNA, Raptr and Backloggery.


I really like where video games are right now. I like where they’ve been, and I have nothing but dazzling hopes for the innovative and dynamic future of the industry. Writing about them is therefore a logical step in contributing to the realization of that future. So, let’s ride this beast, son. Let’s ride this sucker all the way to Valhalla!

Primarily, I am a strategy game player. I may not be the greatest strategy game player but they are where I feel most at home. I also dabble in twin-stick shooters and roguelikes. When I am feeling particularly ambitious I will load up an adventure/RPG, but the more that time passes, the older that I get, my willingness to read through pages of character dialog and exposition dwindles.

My Twitch channel can be found here.
My Steam ID is Subotonic.
My email is nick at buttonmashing dot com.


I’ve been playing video games since the NES and since Macintosh/486. I had a romp with Nintendo and the SNES, Gameboy (original,color, and now the DS). Moved onto the Playstation one and two but, I went to the Xbox 360 and haven’t looked back since. Picked up a Switch (and my son promptly broke it – he just turned 5). PC games 4 life! I’ve been to Japan and speak Japanese so anything 日本てき I’m in!

Favorite game genre: Action/Adventure, FPS, RPG, JRPG, Fighting, Puzzle, Racing, Sports, etc. Basically if it is fun (and the graphics aren’t pixels bouncing around the screen – don’t get the BM crew started on this) I’m all for it.

Why “buttonmashing”?

Because I used to be a pretty serious Street Fighter II/Mortal Kombat/Tekken arcade player and I abhorred buttonmashers. HATED them. Mostly because they always win. You can know every single move and be able to pull off ten-hit-combos and some half-ape buttonmasher will take you down. So I figured the name would be appropriate, since now that my arcade days are over I’ve kind of become a buttonmasher myself.


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Former Buttonmashers

Will – (The Last Halo Fan)

Favorite Genres: RPGs, Racing, Fighting
When I’m not working, I’m gaming. I started off with Bump ‘N’ Jump on the Atari 2600 before I got to kindergarten. Since then, I’ve gone through too many gaming systems to list here. I believe that the Super NES was the pinnacle of gaming, the Dreamcast came damn close to matching its greatness, and the Xbox 360 is doing its best to overtake both of them. Am I your kind of gamer? Hit me up at:

Jason (Botswana)