June in Review

Back with another monthly report for the activity and happenings here at buttonmashing.com.

June was a lazy month around these parts. Nat was unplugged and I played GTA IV. Nice summer weather was enjoyed and crazy storms were weathered. We had 22 posts with 67 comments. The site also celebrated its fourth anniversary.

Top posts
The following posts garnered the most eyeballs in June (outside of the regulars):

  1. Customizable NCAA 09 Covers
  2. Easter Egg in Google Reader
  3. Why All the Love for Metal Gear Solid 4?
  4. [2 Minute Review] Trials 2:Second Edition

Previously, on buttonmashing
One year ago, among other things, we were talking about Forza 2 for the 360.
Two years ago, I was marveling at the beauty of my brand new DS Lite.
Three years ago it was all about Guild Wars. My, how time and tastes change.
And four years ago? It was Wario Ware time.

Strange Searches
As always, a small sampling of the diverse paths that led people to our humble abode:

let me show you this spreadsheet because” – oh man, don’t leave me hanging like that!
360 button mashing techniques” – you mean, other than just… mashing them?
easy way to get 5 day survivor achievement in dead rising” – There is none! There is only pain.
eve in wall-e is ticklish” – I saw Wall-E (LOVED IT) but, for the life of me, cannot think of any reason why anyone would ever need to search for this. If you’ve seen the movie, you know the answer. If you haven’t, what train of thought brought this search phrase to your mind? I NEED TO KNOW.
eve wall-e tickled” – Again, with the tickling and Wall-E!

Games being played
Not much has changed, for me at least. As I near the end of GTA IV (I think), I’m already wondering what might take its place. I also finished Super Mario Galaxy, but with only 70 stars, I still have lots of mileage left on that bad boy. My DS sits mostly unused, except for the occasional NY Times Crossword puzzle.

There you have it, another month come and gone.


It would appear a certain gaming blog was left off this list. A mere oversight, I’m sure. Certainly it will appear on there the next time around.

October in Review

I’ve never done this before, but I’ve always liked it when other blogs I read do their monthly reviews. So I thought I’d give it a try. Time to take a look at the month that was.

It seems like it’s been pretty much Halo 3 and Portal around these parts in October. Sure, we chatted about more than that, but I was pretty much playing Halo 3 exclusively (still am) and my posts had a decidedly Halo 3 slant. I’m actually disappointed to report we only had 16 posts this month. Again, I blame the amount of Halo 3 being played on the drop in post frequency.

Nat brought up the fact that’s he’s got a long list of games he wants to finish. I have one, too. It’s too long to admit. We were discussing this very topic one night on IM and I mentioned that since November is “National Novel Writing Month” we should hijack it and make it “National Finish a Game Month.” Me personally, I want to finish Halo 3 and find all the skulls. If there’s time after that, I want to eventually finish Pokemon Diamond. But one game at a time. Feel free to join us in the “NaFiGaMo.” Something like that.

So what posts got the most traffic this month? I get a lot of traffic from search engine referrals so some of the top posts are actually older posts. The top five posts for the month of October were:

5. Dead Rising is dead to me.
4. MMORPG Sports (Part I)
3. Resident Evil 4 Translation Guide
2. Halo 3 stats ready to go
1. Halo 3 Stats and Stats Galore

There are a lot of people looking for Halo 3 stats. I happy to provide some hopefully useful information.

Of course, along with the regular searches for things like “Halo 3 Stats” and “Resident Evil 4 translations” I get some funny search terms. A few:

“tickling me” – This one baffles me. Sometimes I wish I could see into the mind of the person searching for something like “tickling me.” Maybe something crawled up his shorts and just really wanted to know what that thing that was “tickling him”? I wish I knew. Or maybe I’m glad I don’t. Of course, that’s not half as bad as the person looking for “tickling pee.” I just… Stop. Sadly, this eventually ends with someone looking for “tickling till pee.” I blame Nat.

“deer buttons” – They’re right next to the moose zippers and the bear patches.

“eve is boring” – EVE Online might be boring, but I can’t vouch for eve. Maybe, maybe not.

“gears of war wallet” – Didn’t Jules own one of those?

I could go on, but I’ll spare ya.

So what about November? I’d really like to increase my posting frequency. I often feel like I’m neglecting you guys when I go a day or two without posting. It’s been great having Nat around to help, I just hope to get more content out on a daily basis. With the holidays quickly approaching, we’ll definitely have some timely content for that. Hopefully with the bad weather will also bring some more blogging time. Here’s to great November. Let me know if there is something you’d like to see me cover!

Wednesday night musings

Since there aren’t any sporting events going on this evening (no college football games of note, the Indians have a day off, and who wants to watch pre-season NBA?) I’m working on some blog items, mostly updating plug-ins and playing around with their settings. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t totally *heart* WordPress.

I also have a couple other items to get to: For the time being, we won’t be hearing much from my newest co-blogger, Dark Reyule. He’s taking a break from gaming and blogging isn’t an option at the moment. I told him he’s still very much welcome around these parts, so hopefully he’ll still drop by once and a while. So the blogging will be coming primarily from me and Nat for the foreseeable future.

I’m also going through a bunch of drafts and stubs of posts I have sitting in various degrees of completion, so there may be the occasional post with some “older” content. Hopefully it will still be relevant in some way. The blogging will continue, even if morale doesn’t improve.

As for the musings: Anyone here listen to Major Nelson’s podcast? If so, is it just me, or has the podcast’s quality declined lately? When Major and his co-host “e” are talking about things like their latest travels or other minutia, I lose all interest. Their conversations also have an “inside joke” feel, but not everyone is in on it. This was something that turned me off of the Evil Avatar Radio podcast. I want to hear about games! Not how exciting your company retreat was! I don’t care who you saw at the Halo 3 launch. Tell me about the actual game. I do love when he interviews people in the “industry,” however. The interview with Marty O’Donnell was top-shelf. I love the music from the Halo Trilogy and hearing Marty talk about it was a treat. Get back to the games, Major.

I would also like to mention that the Halo 3 theater rocks. That is (not) all. More on that later.

Blogging update

Cuteness!!Behold, the Gaming Glut of 2007, she is upon us. We here at Buttonmashing.com are well aware and are ready to go with the blogging you crave.

I haven’t been able to blog lately as we have family visiting from out of town. I was busy last weekend and I’ll be busy this week entertaining them (which thankfully includes lots of 360-time in the form of NCAA 08, Forza, and Burnout, so it’s not a total loss) but I don’t have as much time to blog as I’d like. Heck, I don’t have as much time to game as I’d like. I still haven’t finished Bioshock, which I must do before Tuesday. I hope to get to that soon.

We still have some good stuff on tap. Nat has told me he’s working on some Metroid Prime 3 posts and he just picked up some PSP games, so we’ll be hearing about those as well. He’s really enjoying MP3 and I am jealous. I need me a Wii!

Dark Reyule has been busy on the 360 front and he’s mentioned he’s got some reviews in the works, possibly one for Two Worlds. I know he’ll be busy with Halo 3 once it drops. We’ll be giving it the co-op business together.

I’ve also been asked by video game blogger extraordinaire Kyle Orland to guest-blog at his review site, Games for Lunch. The premise of the site is to take a game you’ve never played before, play it for an hour straight and then write up your impressions based on your first hour. I’m thinking of doing a Pixar game on the Xbox 360, something along the lines of Cars or Ratatouille (which I saw with the daughter and absolutely loved). I’ll probably play the game with the kiddos watching so I can get their impressions along with mine. Should be interesting. Of course, I’m always open for suggestions. Let me know of any 360 game that may have flown under my radar.

Finally, since we are almost seven days away from Halo 3, I’m declaring it Cuteness Overload Week here at buttonmashing.com. Since I won’t have a lot of time to dedicate to blogging, I’ll be going the easy route with a heaping helping of cuteness so cute you won’t be able to stand it. It’s just to remind everyone it’s not all about blasting aliens and pwning noobs on Live. There’s more to gaming than that. Sometimes we just need to be reminded.

It’s a great time to be a gamer.

(As an aside, tonight was the Prison Break premiere! What did you PB fans think?)