Want to Play Fez?


Weíve been waiting a little while for this title and it appears that weíre going to have to wait at least six more months.

What is Fez? Well, itís a 2.5D game that weíve mentioned before (video at the link) that simply looks amazing. Since the trailer release Iíve added Polytronís blog to my Google Reader (everyone should be using that) waiting for any type of news.

Itís a platform-side-scroller that rotates into a third dimension to perform special moves and gain access into all sorts of areas. Just watch the video.

Hereís hoping it shows up on PSN and PC.

It’s Not Just An Awesome Hat You Wear

Judging by this trailer, this is a title to look out for.

I’m really starting to fall for these type of innovative, pixellated games. If we would have never come out of the 8-bit era, would we have seen games like this on the NES?