Unconventional Mario Themes

So the other day I see this YouTube video of a student-built “musical instrument” made out of PVC pipes. It’s very clever to begin with, but when he starts playing the instrument things get downright cool. And as he’s going through his repertoire of songs, he inevitably gets to the Super Mario Brothers Theme:

Hit the jump for a handful of other Unconventional Mario Theme performances I’ve found
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It’s A Me, Conan O’BRiiiiiiiaaaaan

The internet + people = amazing coincidences?

UPDATE: The video is no longer there thanks to the butt-funks at NBC Universal. And they wonder why they are almost dead last in ratings right now.

UPDATE 2: The butt-funks have posted the video on their alien website Hulu.


IP law is the pits. I give you FREE advertising, and you make it hard for me to do so. Idiots.

Proud Dad

I just have to take a moment to say that, as a gamer dad, I am a proud dad.

A while ago, I posted the video of the live-action Super Mario Bros. My oldest son has watched that video a hundred times. He loves it. Recently, he’s been loving New Super Mario Brothers and has even tried his hand at Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii. He doesn’t get far, but he loves every minute of it.

But he really made me proud when my wife asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday (he’s turning four). When he said he wanted a “Mario Cake.” I couldn’t be prouder.

So, to help out the wife and set expectations unreasonably high, I used PicLens to search Flickr for some “examples.” (This one makes me mad) The quality of the cakes range from “so-so” to “no way I’m making that” (both direct quotes from the wife):

Mario Cake

Mario Star

And the one I’m voting for:

Mario Wedding Cake

My daughter, not to be outdone, asked for a Princess Peach cake. Good luck with that, mom!

Mario Gravity

Because I am a gigantic nerd, I love this: Acceleration Due to Gravity: Super Mario Brothers

Bowser’s Minions Revolt

A little foul-mouthed in places (but not really, I just feel obligated to say that), but the payoff is worth it. You can watch the full-sized version here.

(I just noticed this is post 1,001. Nat’s Geometry Wars 2 post was our 1,000th post. Woohoo!)