Cheap games at Best Buy.

Thanks to the deal-finders at Cheap Ass Gamer I was alerted to some clearance deals at Best Buy so I went over on my lunch break to check it out. I picked up R: Racing Evolution and XIII for the Gamecube and Onimusha Tactics and Max Payne for the GBA. All for $9.99 each! I wanted to pick up a copy of Simpsons: Hit and Run for me and my brother-in-law but all the stores around here were sold out. Bummer. R: Racing Evolution comes with Pac Man Vs., the game that uses the GBA/GC connectivity, so I’m looking forward to trying that out, it’s supposed to be pretty fun.

So now the games are piling up for me to play. I am still mainly playing NCAA but now that I’ve got some new ones I’ll try to get some playing with those in. But I watched some kids play Madden 2005 at BB and it looked sweet. But so did ESPN NFL 2k5. What to do, what to do.

So many games, so little time.

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