Should I or shouldn’t I?

I’m this “] [” close to trading in my Game Boy Advance SP for a Nintendo DS. I’m going out for the evening and I know my friendly neighborhood Game Crazy would facilitate said transaction without any problems.

The question is: Should I or shouldn’t I?

Update: Okay, a quick update. I heard Walmart had a DS/Mario 64 bundle. Supposedly Toys ‘R Us had a Spider Man 2 bundle as well. I made stops at both places but Walmart was out of them and TRU’s deal is over. So as it stands now, taking into consideration the comments thus far, I think I’ll keep my GBA SP (Pacman Vs. is a great party game, so keeping the GBA to link up with the Gamecube has become an issue) and I’ll just pick up a new DS. I’m also very interested in Advance Wars DS like Mr. LaMosca. I play Advance Wars all the time and can only imagine how sweet the touch screen works. I’ve heard Madden and Tiger Woods work great with the touch screen, too. I’m pretty excited about new game kit.

So I’ve pretty much decided on a new DS. Now the question is: what color do I get?


  1. Well do you use a GBA link cable to other Gameboy units? Do you link to the Gamecube? Do you play Gameboy Color and Gameboy color games?

    If so then you should keep your GBA SP.

  2. DO IT!! GBA Connectivity is overrated, and so is 3/4 of the GBA library. Get a DS with Advance Wars: Dual Strike or Nintendogs. Trust me, it’ll be pure bliss.

  3. Well, ok, not bliss, but you’ll like it!

  4. Let me know what you decide, dude. I’m on the same fence. Advance Wars DS is calling, and I can’t resist its siren song much longer.

  5. Thanks for the input so far. I’ve updated the post.

  6. You know you will get the PINK one Tony…..

  7. I would say get a DS but keep your GBASP.

    I like the silver one but you strike me more like the imported Japanese pink Nintendo DS.

  8. The blue one is gorgeous. See it in person before you buy.

  9. I’m partial to the colours not available in the US (yet). Either White or Black.

  10. I decided to keep the SP. Why? It fits in my pocket easily. Everyewhere.

    I know that there are more games coming for the DS, but I’ll wait. I love Advance Wars but I have two games of that for my GBA that keep me occupied.

    Plus, I have a cart that I’ve copied my Final Fantasy Tactics, Metroid, and Advance Wars 2 over to so I don’t have to carry any cartridges, just the SP.

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