Ring a bell and I’ll salivate

I admit that I fall prey to good marketing once and a while (damn you, Apple and your shiny iPod!) , but the marketers over at McDonald’s own my consumer soul.

Mention Monopoly and McDonald’s in the same breath and I begin to drool. It’s not even the prizes that get me (although the iPod + 1000 songs or the PSP/PS2 package would do nicely) — it’s collecting those little stickers. Thing is, I really don’t care for McDonald’s food. With the exception of the mana-from-heaven McGriddles, I don’t do the McDonald’s thing very often. But they throw the Monopoly Game out every year, and in Pavlovian fashion I beat a path to their door.

Alas, the contest ends at the end of the month. I guess the buttonFamily will be eating at Mickey Dee’s a disproportionate amount of time this month. Spurlock doesn’t have anything on me!


  1. See, this is why I maintain that McDonald’s motto is, “Yeah we make you vomit, but you’ll be back.”

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