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I’ve got a copy of Animal Crossing Wild World. I’ll be giving it a whirl during my shows. Once I get my town set up, I’ll post my friends code. Hopefully we’ll see some of you in town!

Animal Crossing is the game that has probably received the most playing time out of all my Gamecube games. Both the buttonWife and I have played the heck out of it and I’m hoping the DS version has the same appeal. This time I’ll put a little more thought into naming my town. Naming my original AC town “pooptown” is something I’ve deeply regretted.

Update: I finished up the tasks Tom Nook had for me and I am free to roam the world over! Here’s my info:
Name: Tonester
Town: Pamplona
Friend Code: 2749-3859-8704

I’ll add any codes you guys post here. See you in the Wild World!


  1. Name: Obi
    Town: Betaburg
    Code: 2706-4361-5291

    Hit me up.

  2. Sweet! I did not preorder my copy, so no AC:WW for Will =(.

    I’ll look around my local BB and CC for it. Then I’ll post my friend’s code here.

  3. Mike – added your town, hopefully we’ll see ya out there.

    Let me know when you’re on, Will.

  4. Tony

    I’d be up for a visit and you’re sure welcome to come to Brooklyn if you want

    1933 3396 8531

  5. Sweet. AC is what introduced my wife to vgames.

    How does the wifi work? You both play the same city at the same times?

  6. Seth – I’ve added you to my list, I’ll see you in Brooklyn.

    AG – For wi-fi, it’s similar to Mario Kart. You have to trade friend codes. Then you go to the “gatekeeper” of your store and tell him to connect to the WFC and if any of your friends are online, you can go to their town. You can also leave your gate open so any of your friends can come and join you. I’ve tried it out and it works pretty easily. Do you have a DS yet? You said earlier you might trade in the PSP for one. Now is as good a time as ever!

  7. I love animal crossing Wild World

    name: Lil’Vic
    City: Vic City
    Friend code: 2921-1845-5444

    Hope you guys add me real soon. 😛

  8. name: Lil’Vic
    City: Vic City
    Friend Code: 2921-1845-5444

  9. I’m just posting to say that if you do add me can you say so I know that you have me.


  10. I’ll probably have a DS today or tomorrow. I think I’m sold with Mario Kart and Animal Crossing. Plus, Ac just makes the purchase/trade all that more justifiable with the wifey. 🙂

    Heh. You said “gatekeeper.”

    “Are you the gatekeeper?”

  11. Vic – I’ll add ya next time I fire up ACWW.

    AG – look forward to seeing you online, Nintendo style.

    Oh, and I am the Keymaster!

  12. Heya folk. My friend code is: 4424-4252-0334
    My name is ‘Jeffool’ and I live at ‘TheBeach’. (Note: no space.)

    C’mon over, I’ve got pears out the wazoo!

  13. OK. I got the Mario Kart bundle. Lo and behold the thing is RED!

    So, I’ve got MK and Animal Crossing. I don’t have wifi setup yet. My wife and I have been fighting over AC.

    I’ll post my code here and on the thread on evilavatar.

    One minor glitch. There is a bright green pixel square in the center of the stylus screen. I’m assuming that is a bad thing?

  14. Jeff – I added you to the list, I’ve got cherries. I’ll bring some over!

    ag – Sweet! I’m jealous of the Mario Kart DS DS. That’s nice. But the stuck pixel doesn’t sound nice. I haven’t heard of many dead/bad pixels on the DS so I’d think about getting it replaced. I’m sure where ever you bought it would let you trade it for another one. Just make sure that you test the new one before you leave the store!

  15. AC:WW:
    Name: Colin
    Town: Tub Tub
    Code: 3479-5336-4902

  16. Colin – you’ve been added. Make sure you add everybody’s codes, too.

  17. Hey guys, I write for The Game Chair & I’m in charge of the AC:WW play rating. I’m covering the WiFi for my second rating, which I hope to have up sometime next week. Sooo … it’d be much appreciated if some of you could add me to your lists, I’m trying to get as much time in on the WiFi end of things as possible.

    Name: Ming Ma
    Town: Suzhou
    Code: 0215 3570 5845

  18. Maggie – I just added you, I should be on most evenings. I’m still on now, watching football, if you want to drop by.

  19. Ok. They won’t take it back. They say I have to go through Nintendo. Grrr!

    Nntendo will send me another with a pre-paid mailer. I pop the old one in and off it goes.

    Then I get to re-link the new DS to nintendowifi and probably get new friend codes.

  20. What a pain, ag! What store did you buy it from that won’t take it back? Sounds like a place to avoid in the future.

  21. Gamecrazy. It was the last of my credit as well. No more.

  22. Ahh Gamecrazy. I’ve had mixed results with them. Their prices are usually higher than most and they are ultra-stingy with their trade-ins. I avoid them when I can.

  23. Matthew Lesh says

    Can everyone PLS PLS add me.

    Code: 2792-3397-6055
    Name: Matthew
    Town: Sumo

    My email is so you can email me with your info.

  24. Ok. I added everyone here. I ask that all do the same. See you online!

    Code: 0816-6558-0730
    Name: nat
    City: Quincy

  25. Hey guys. I’ve added everyone here. Add me plz!! ACWW!!!


    Its always on!! Drop me a visit plz. Open ur gates to me!

  26. Code:236285502240

  27. Code:231990650422

    Town Name: KEPPTOWN


  28. Code:231990650422

    Town Name : KEPPTOWN

    Name: JAKE

  29. Name: Nacho

    Town: CoolSide


    Please add me to your towns. I have added you.

  30. I finally got the game!

    Feel free to add me.

    Avery lives in New Rock

  31. Will, I added you. Maybe we’ll see you around!

  32. 322190341036

    I’ll be on Every day for awile
    I’ve already added some of you FC already.

  33. 322190341036

    Ill be on Every day for awile
    Ive already added some of you FC already.


    Please register my Info above.

  34. Name: Peli
    Town: TreeSkin
    Friend code: 4725 1559 7009

    Please add me, thanks!

  35. He guys!

    I’ve added some of you:

    Add me please!


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