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For the past few years in the blogosphere, there have been various “Best of” awards, including The BoB Awards (The Best of Blogs Award) and The Weblog Awards but as I’ve surfed the various categories, I see that Gaming Blogs have been left out in the December cold. I know Spike TV had their “Best Gaming Blog” Category, along with its whopping 3 nominees, which ended in a tie, but come on. I’m not saying the blogs weren’t worthy of their nomination, but there’s more out there than just those three. While I don’t consider Slashdot a “blog” per-se, Kotaku and Joystiq are both commendable blogs. Those three sites are great, but I think there’s more than just those guys.

So I’m thinking about doing a Best of Gaming Blogs poll here. Before we can have a poll, however, we need some nominees. Leave a comment here with a list of your favorite blogs. I’ll take nominations until Monday. If there’s enough interest, I’ll post a poll where the votes will be tallied. If not, I guess gaming blogs will have to wait another year for their own award.

As a courtesy to the Spike TV finalists (whether they’re proud of that distinction or not) I’ll start out with Joystiq, Kotaku, and Slashdot Games as nominees. I’ll also add my nominations: Dubious Quality, Wonderland, Kieron Gillen’s Workblog and 4 Color Rebellion are a few of the many blogs I thoroughly enjoy. (and how could I forget my favorite MMO-blogger, AFK Gamer!)

There’s a lot of good blogs out there, so nominate away!

Update: I also submitted a forum topic at Evil Avatar on this subject, you can read it here.


  1. I really like AFK Gamer []. I’m not sure is truly a blog, but I refer to it quite often in my Bloglines list. and Old Grandma Hardcore [] are also a couple of my favorites.

  2. Well, I’d nominate my own site but I think I’ll just assume we’re not allowed to do that =P

    Insert25 gets the nod from me. I enjoy it, and not because it shares a network with me.

  3. Finster – I’m ashamed I didn’t originally include AFK Gamer in my nominations, but that’s been fixed.

    All the nominations so far look good. Keep ’em coming!

  4. Some of my favorites (I thought I posted this, but it never appeared – perhaps it is in the queue. If so, please delete this one): (The one that inspired me) (The coolest guy I’ve never met) (Thinks more about games than any gamer I know) (Good quality stuff to read) (Do I really need to say anything?) (Great humor and insight)

    Good stuff out there for sure.

  5. All my suggestions are already mentioned – especially Aeropause and Broken Toys. Not a huge fan of Kotaku, myself, since it mostly just links without a lot of comment or input. It’s fine for news, but I wouldn’t really call it a useful blog for insight. (Yeah, it’s in my blogroll, but I hate removing anything from that…)

  6. Another vote for Aeropause, Gillen, and Wonderland, and also one for Cathode Tan.

  7. I’ll put in a nomination for Curmudgeon Gamer ( and Gamers With Jobs (

  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. I’ll keep taking nominations for a couple more days, then I’ll throw up the poll. I don’t know how many people we’ll get to vote, but it’s good to see everyone’s nominations, there’s some new ones out there I hadn’t read before.

  9. Hi.. I would like to nominate..

  10. You’ve already got AFKGamer and Aggro Me, I’ll add:

    All good reads; in depth and varied.

  11. I am partial to:

    Obviously, all the others mentioned are stellar, I hate to name names because there are so many, but these consistently have solid content that I enjoy.

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