Prepare for your death, Leon!

Jack Krauser
Yeah, so that’s the idle threat Jack Krauser sends your way when you finally confront him for the last piece of the gate key leading to Ashley. Like I said before, I knew the Krauser battle was going to be tough, I just had no idea how tough it was going to be. After eighty-nine attempts, I can assure you that he is very tough. Well, I should rephrase that. If you don’t know his weakness, he takes a licking and keeps on ticking. I found that out for about the first eighty tries or so, last night. He was taking ten rounds from my Broken Butterfly and not even breaking a sweat.

When I beat Krauser the first time, I used the TMP with about 200 rounds and just shot at his exposed feet (when he shields his body with his mutated arm/wing, his feet are vunerable). It took me about five tries on the normal difficulty. Since I’m going through this play without the TMP I needed a different approach.

I had ten rounds in the Broken Butterfly and three hand grenades. I’d either dodge his attack and blast him with a couple rounds or get him exposed with a grenade and then blast a round or two when he was dazed. I could get eight or nine of the .45 rounds to connect and he didn’t even seem fazed. I’d unload a clip of the Blacktail and a couple headshots with the rifle and he wasn’t going down. I was getting desperate and it was getting late. I went and looked for “hints” because I coudn’t get this far to give up. A quick google search revealed that the knife (THE KNIFE?!) is very effective against Krauser on Pro difficuty. Again, the knife? I was incredulous but willing to try anything at this point. So I gave it a whirl. He came in on me, I blasted him with the Broken Butterfly and when he went down on one knee, I started hacking away with the knife. I made three or four good slashes when he started to get up. I figured I’d keep slashing, just to see what happened and I must have been in a good spot because I could keep slashing at his feet. It took eight or ten slashes but he went down. Finally! I grabbed the pieces to open the gate and made my way out before the tower blew up. I had beaten Krauser. It felt good.

I’m still a little miffed that the guy can take eight rounds of the Colt .45 to the face and shrug it off, but a few gashes with a knife and he goes down like a paper bag. That just isn’t right. But down he went, and I’m moving on. The end is in sight and I am looking forward to victory over Lord Saddler.


  1. THAT’S where I’m stuck! That’s cowboy hat guy! Isn’t it? I better fire up the GC and have another go, knife indeed.

    Hope hope..

  2. Ahh, that’s what you meant by cowboy hat. He is usually sporting a red beret, military style. It eventually comes off in the heat of battle.

    Let me know how it goes. It was great to watch him go down after SO MANY TRIES

  3. Lol i beat him in my first try, on Professional he beat me 3 times. The game was no problem, at first you’re a little sloppy but by the end of the game it’s a breeze, then after spending a day i also beat Mercenaries and unlocked the Hand Cannon, i just love using Krauser on Mercenaries, i got a 70 Killing Spree and a 140000 score on the castle level. the trick to beating him is the knife, and if you’re not to good stand by a ledge, it’s what i did on Professional, even if you have no life left he’ll knock you off and then you can climb back up and you’ll never die, so you just use the TMP or a Revolver(preferably the Broken Butterfly, it’s more powerful and you can get it for free.) and knife him, shoot him if he’s far though, knife if he’s close. Be ready to press L R or A B too, if you have quick reflexes like me he’ll never touch you. (reflexes .12 seconds and i can hit a button 13 times a second 😮 been playing games since i was 4, so games are easy and i’m a fast learner on them.) well hope i was helpful for whoever might still be Stuck.

  4. The salesman says

    i wasted all my ammo pounding away at that guy, until i saw a tip sent in by some guy on NOM UK (nintendo official magazine UK) that you can slice at krasers leg and then shoot him. I kept using this method until i saw a video on youtube called “Krauser Knifed in 10 seconds – Pro”

    I watched it and i thought, damn… WHY DIDN’T I TRY IT EARLIER?!?!?! So wahay! Now i don’t even need to shoot Krauser, his freakishly large weakness to knives helps me a lot! … but i have one final question…

    How can Krauser attack you with his Knife (before the “witness the power!!!” bit – don’t wanna spoil anything 😉 ), how can he attack you with his knife when after the “well, if it isn’t the bitch in the red dress” part, as Leon has Krausers Knife! Does Krauser have a backup replica knife or something?

    What are your thoughts on this Tony and co. ?

  5. uhhhh….. i beat him on pro, with a fully upgraded (normal, not roit or striker) shotgun, first try, blast his legs, blast him in the face, and i used a few rounds of fully upgraded (with exlusive) red9, i really didn’t find it that hard….
    i never had a TMP, just a bolt actoin sniper, no scope, red9 and a shotgun, and i never used a rocket launcher, just sold em (including the one you get during the saddler battle

  6. The Salesman says

    During the saddler battle? Whats this im hearing, the SPECIAL ROCKET LAUNCHER??? But you can’t sell it, you need to use it for saddler, it’s not possible to beat him without it, and once you’ve used it, its gone, so how can you sell it?

    Wait… dont tell me… its an unlockable weapon on the PS2 version of Resident Evil 4 :O :O !?!?!

  7. It is possuble to beat him without it. just blast away at his face with the striker. There is a lever you can pull to hit him with a bunch of metal poles.

  8. Thanks for the knife tip. I died a LOT of times before looking for this hint online. Here was the winning method for me:

    1. At the start of the fight let him knock you over the edge, but get up.
    2. While he backflips away hit him with a grenade.
    3. (Heal up while you wait for your grenade to explode.)
    4. After grenade detonates Krauser will be down. Approach and knife him, angled down to get at his legs.

    He should repeatedly drop, but sometimes he will drop and stagger away. If he staggers away then you’ll have to run away to a safe spot. I found the best place to do this was on the first tower, on the railing along the edge of the tower. Walk to one of the ends of the railing, in the corner closest to the tower, flip around and wait for Krauser to approach you. As he comes in, slash at his legs with your knife.

    Again, thanks for the tip. I was hitting him 20 times with a fully upgraded automatic rifle, and blasting him with 3 grenades and it still wasn’t budging him. It IS crazy that 8-9 knife slashes can drop a guy when 20 rifle shots won’t.

  9. ya’ll some dumbies no offense…i bet this man on my 2nd try. i mean yeah hes like strong and really good but it wasnt as bad as i though he’d be the knife really does help cause he’ll run after you hit him with it enough i just beat the game last night. krauser was harder than saddler cause i bet him on my 1st try this game is one of my all time favorites even though its very freaky sometimes. just use the knife and make sure you have health and can dodge his attacks he moves very quick so have a striker ready if hes not close to you.

  10. How do I kill saddler without the rocket launcher

    i even used the handcannon and it doesnt die without the rocket launcher

    But Ive seen some perople selling the rocket launcher For … 500 000
    But how do they obtain it if we cant dstroy saddler besides the rocket launcher

  11. RBt- Saddler can be killed without the rocket launcher you have to shoot his eye/knee things and knife him about 2-5 times depending on the station “PS2 is 3 i think, gamecube i 2, and i haven’t tried it for the wii yet” but personally i have killed him without the special launcher.

  12. 80+ times to beat krauser? dude you suck.

    You can beat him with just a knife (see knife run on youtube)

    And to rbt: there is four eyes, two at the front, two at the back.

    beat the front two, and you can kill him with special rocket launcher, you have to blow out the ones at the back aswell, and he always turns round, best ption is to use nades.

    ANy further help needed:

  13. A lot of the game features scenes showing Leons versatility, and Krausers obsession, with the knife. Which sort of led me to conclude that the knife would work best in this situation especially after the QTE cutscene battle where you fight each other with knives!

  14. I know not to many people are still play RE4 but I dug it out again. I suddenly realized that the Krauser battle which I had previously thought was rediculous has a stroke of genius to it. If I would have been paying more attention I would have realized the Leon tells you how to fight Krauser when he is having a little fun with Adia earlier in the game. “Here’s a tip. Knifes work better up close” Now I realize he wasn’t just saying that to her but to us.

  15. Yep, the knife.

    I don’t mean to brag, but it took me only one to three times when I first beat him. I always shot at his feet, and would aim for him after with my knife due to being very conservative with bullets.

    He goes down in no time. =)

  16. The knife! But of course, how fiendishly simple.
    That such a mighty foe could be felled by so simple a weapon. Another tip to save health and ammunition when you are fighting Krauser in the desert village at first is to climb up onto the roof of the house and move around until you are standing behind the hole through which you have accessed the roof. Now Krauser will not be able to attack and you can despatch him at your ease! You can do this two or even three times if you go towards the temple and draw him back to the house again.

  17. I fought Krauser for around ten hours working on a speed run on professional. I knew I could beat him with the knife but had to beat him without getting hit. I tried everything from incendiary grenades to rocket launchers to try to beat him the most consistently. On the professional level for whatever the reason however the second I found a decisive strategy to beating Krauser I would be unable to repeat it because the game made itself more difficult. RE 4 is amazingly resilient and constantly changes its difficulty based on how well you perform and the weapons you carry.
    Anyway after ten hours the trick to beating Krauser became apparent to me. All that you have to do to beat him untouched consistently is trap him on the bridge section where Krauser begins the fight. If you run to where the holy stone is at the beginning and turn around Krauser will follow you, attack, and then backflip into the bridge corner. Run up to him and perform a knife slice. Here’s the thing in order to dodge his attacks simply hold the L bumper to raise the knife and continuously press the R bumper, the B button, and the A button all at the same time. By doing this button mashing you will slash away and every time Krauser attacks you will dodge him. After he attacks he flips backwards allowing you to get close and continue attacking. It is remarkably easy once you get the hang of it.


  1. […] I have defeated Lord Saddler once again. Just like last time, he was much easier the that son of a jackal Krauser. So how does the pro difficulty compare to the normal level? Was it twice as hard? […]

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