DS Lite and the Ark of the Covenant


Remember the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, when Belloq, dressed up in biblical clothing, begins the ritual to open the ark? Where he does some Hebraic incantations, waves his staff around some, and then opens the ark? Nothing happens at first, but eventually angels and spirits emerge, to which Belloq declares,

“They’re beautiful!”

Then they turn into lion-headed destroying angels and they melt Toht’s face off. Remember that part?

Well, my DS Lite arrived today. When I took it out of the box, it was pretty much the same scene, minus the biblical clothes and the waving of the staff. Its brightness pretty much burned my face off.

“It’s beaut… Ahhhhhhhhh it’s too bright!”


  1. The Salesman says

    Lol, my mate bought one over the internet and said that putting it on max brightness really hacked away like a pickaxe into his eyes, but hey, he found a solution! Wear sunglasses, it works like a miracle! though i dont understand why anyone would put it so bright so that they have to wear sunglasses….hmmmm… :S hehe

  2. yeah, there pretty bright, why would you even need one that bright??

  3. agentgray says

    We gamers can never be pleased. First, there’s no light at all. Then, it’s not bright enough. Now…

    Well, I for one welcome blindness.

  4. The Salesman says

    True, as gamers we’re never satisfied…i mean, isn’t there SOMETHING you own and you think “oh man, i wish it had so-and-so about it not this-and-that”

    But i think the brightness depends on your active mind, if your feeling drowsy and you might fall asleep (ie your playing your ds lite before going to bed) then notch up the brightness level and it’ll act as a wake up call, if not then it’ll just make your eyes water.

  5. wow crap! i just got a flat pannle monitor, jeez, it makes my eyes water after like 30 min, the only trouble i have with my DS (origanal) is that when you go outside, it’s not really brigth enough.


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